just surfed in with idiotic question

From: MJC
Email: cloud3737@yahoo.com


I realize this board exists for other reasons, but maybe someone would be kind enough to answer my question: Is HP getting out of the scientific calculator business? I'm a college professor and purchased my last calculator (for use in lecture) in the early-to-mid 1990's. Was tremendously happy with the HP32s I had until it was stolen. Then got another HP -- the longer, thicker kind -- wasn't nearly as happy with it because I couldn't find what I wanted fast enough with a roomfull of students staring at me. Today I checked the HP website to see whether maybe some new options exist, but see shockingly little ... a couple of "scientific calculators" for high-school student usage. Is that it then? By the way, you 32s owners (and I know you're out there somewhere) should consider yourselves very lucky! The layout of that thing was perfect as far as I'm concerned. The fatter follow-ons could do a lot more, I know, but not in a pressure situation without a lot of programming prep. Any other simplicity fans out there? Oh well.