Bohn Rex-Rotary Contex-10........HELP!!!!! I AM SO CONFUSED!

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Machine is 'new'. Brief descriptions for +, -, X, and div on plate on back. However there is a slide slot beneath the numbers in keypad. There are two slides (for lack of a better term) that slide in this slot. One (on the left in slot)is a red pointer which points to a horizontal row of 10 vertical hachure marks. There is a dot (.) between hachure marks 2&3, 5&6, and 8&9. The red pointer can be moved to the left or right by two arrow marked keys. The second 'slide' in this slot is a small square black slide stop. It prevents the movement of the red pointer to the right within the slot. Below the row of hachure marks there is a clear plastic strip with a row of numbers on top and a single square window below the row of numbers. The row of numbers on the plastic strip from left to right: 32101234567 (The first three numbers from the left are in red color. The other numbers and the square are black.) Beneath the plastic strip (on the machine surface) is another row of numbers exactly as present on the plastic strip. When the clear plastic strip is moved to the left or right the square window rides over this second row of numbers. The numerical display window shows three partitions of three digits, one partition of two digits, and on the far right a single space highlighted in black that has a black digit above a red digit: 000|000|000|00| 0 0 (Is the black field scientific notation?) I am looking for a instruction manual or assistance in operating this machine. Thank you!