Re: Bohn Rex-Rotary Contex-10........HELP!!!!! I AM SO CONFUSED!

From: Mark Glusker
Email: glusker@yahoo.com


To begin, clear the display (press "C" key), make sure the red arrow is all the way to the right (slide the small slide stop over if necessary and simply push the arrow to the right), make sure the X, DIV and - keys are not depressed (this may require pushing them and sliding them a little to the side to release them). To add, enter a number in the keyboard - notice how the red arrow moves one place to the left each time a digit is pressed. This is the column indicator. Press the big lever once, and the number will show up in the display and the red arrow will return to the far right. Subtraction is the same, except the "-" key needs to be depressed before pressing the big lever. Multiplication is performed by repeated addition. Instead of having to press the big lever hundreds or thousands of times for the multiplier, the multiplier can be entered one digit at a time. Enter the multiplicand into the keyboard. Press the "x" key. Now to enter the multiplier, first the ones digit is entered, using the instructions for addition above, then press the "<-" key. Now enter the tens digit of the multiplier, press the <- key and repeat the process for each digit of the multiplier. Division is a bit more complex. Enter the dividend into the keyboard, press the "<-" key until the red arrow is all the way to the left (some models have a "<-:" key for this purpose) press the big lever once. Now enter the divisor into the keyboard, press the "<-" key repeatedly until the red arrow is all the way to the left, press both the "-" and the "Div" keys so they stay down, and now press the big lever repeatedly until it locks up. The red number at the far right of the display is the first digit of the quotient. Now, press the "->" key, and repeat the process, pressing the big lever repeatedly until it locks up. Finally, the clear slider with the two rows of nnumbers is simply to help keep track of the decimal point. For a copy of the owner's manual, go to http://users.lewiston.com/ejorgens/office/index.htm (ask for manual "BO-1") For more information on your machine, look at: http://www.geocities.com/oldcalculators/contex.html http://www.csparks.com/contex/ Good luck!