Re: SHARP EL-5101

From: doug
Email: alwaysup@att.net


I had gotten the information about the LCD's from a calculator website where it listed the EL-5100, EL-5100S, EL-5101, & EL-5102 as having the same 1 x 24 character LCD. After reading your post I went back and tried multiple test to get each character position to turn on at least long enough to count how many character positions there really are. I had been so concerned with trying to verify that each pixel in every character position could be turned on that I really didn't pay any attention to the number of screen character positions available. But after this careful test, I find you are correct. The LCD in this EL-5101 only has 16 character positions. Thank you for pointing out this error. I would hate to have had a person that didn't know any more about these units than I do to have purchased this EL-5101 in hopes of making repair to an EL-5100, or EL-5100S only to find the LCD's are not compatible. I sometimes try to find LCD's to repair units myself and know the disappointment when one doesn't work correctly, not to mention the waste of time, money and effort. Thanks again GE.