Re: Wang model 452-0

From: JerryR
Email: uhoh1@aol.com


Hi Rick, Thanks for the comprehensive reply, it was very informative and useful. I don't really have anything to lose by opening up the machine and seeing if any of the internals look corroded and testing the voltages from the power supply, so I may as well. As far as the condition of the machine otherwise, it has the original dustcover and power cord, and is visually in pretty good condition, with no wear on the button labels or anything like that. Unfortunately I don't have any documentation for it - no manuals, receipts, or other literature. I understand your policy of not providing valuation on old calculators, but can you tell me what calculators like this have sold for in the past, or point me at a site where these are bought/sold/traded? I didn't find any Wang listings on Ebay. Thanks again for all your information, -Jerry