FA-6 schematic/connectors for Casio FX-880P

From: dale
Email: dale.shell@comcast.net


I have a Casio FA-6 which is the cassette interface for the Casio FX-880P pocket computer. I have made a Cassette cable for it, but it only works occasionally. (I am trying to get the RS-232 connection to work but I am having even less success there. The pins between my large PC serial connector and the FA-6 must not ne correct.) Anyway, I would like help finding a schematic of the FA-6, to try to get a better understanding of the cassette plug on the FA-6. I have the pin-out but it has 3 different ground pins. I want to make sure they are all common, or do they match up with particular pins. You see the cable I made works some of the time, the one I paid to have manufatured used different matching grounds and it doesn't work at all. Any help would be greatly appreciated.