Curta Poster

From: Rick Furr
Email: rfurr@vcalc.net


Fellow Curta Owners and Collectors, I am proud to introduce the classic Curta Calculator poster for all Curta fans. This fabulous poster shows a detailed layout of the inner working of Curt Herzstark's amazing machine. All Curta parts are close to actual size and displayed in multiple exploded views. Every part is labeled with its original name as designated in the Contina A.G. factory service manual. The elaborate and detailed poster design was nearly a year in planning and execution. Original factory photographs, drawings and artwork have been combined with new imagery to produce this engineer's view of a mechanical masterpiece. The Curta Calculator poster is very suitable for framing and will make a wonderful gift to any Curta enthusiast. It is an essential element in any Curta collection. To see a picture of the poster and get order information go to my Web site, The Curta Reference: www.vcalc.net/cu.htm If you haven't visited for a while, I've added a lot of new material including a picture show of the disassembly of the Curta... all 600 parts! -Rick-