NIB Sharp CE-125 Printer/Micro-Cassette Tape Drive

From: doug
Email: alwaysup@att.net


(1) Model CE-125 Instruction Manual (2) Application Software manual - 103 pp - Unbelieveable programming examples for the PC-1250/CE-125 (3) Beautiful Case which holds everything - includes shelves for instruction/application manuals (4) A/C adapter (5) 3 x Rolls of Paper sealed in plastic bag - never opened (6) Brand new patch cord in plastic bag - stappled never opened (7) Micro-Cassette Tape with Applications (8) New Blank Microcasette Data Tape I am not positive but I believe the applications micro-cassette contains the programming examples from the applications book. The applications book has some of the most detailed programs I have ever seen in any SHARP book. It is my understanding that this unit will work with the following SHARP computers. PC-1150, PC-1245, PC-1246, PC-1246DB, PC-1246S, PC-1247, PC-1248, PC-1248DB, PC-1250, PC-1250A, PC-1251, PC-1253, PC-1260, PC-1261, PC-1262, PC-1270 I don't have any of the models so I could never actually use it or test it so I never opened any of the materials.