Re: calculators/a.c. adapters/slide rules for trade

From: db
Email: dennisbelillo@mailcity


d. snook: yes, a lot of them have been lost and a lot of the cords break right at the bendy thinger at the wall wart so they get thrown away. the only source i have is the flea market. it's slow. there is another charger that physicaly will fit if you push hard, the 9132, but don't do it. when i asked joerg woerner if it could substitute for the 9131 he said that sooner or later it will kill the calculator. it's 5.7vac and 240ma so the wattage is about the same but not close enough i guess. one thing you can do is buy another of the series that has an adapter with it. get totally anal and collect the whole clan! i have a spare but i would really rather trade than sell if i can. if you want to; write to my email. i'm sure we can work something out.