Anita 1011 calculator to be restored. - Anyone help?

From: Paul Griffiths
Email: paulgriffiths0@lycos.com


Hi, I have just rescued a physically tidy anita 1011 It powers up, all digits light, you can enter all numbers, but you can not set the decimal point and it does not move with the number entry. Also the 1st number entry throws back some seeming random numbers. Needless to say that the function buttons seem to do something, but again they give random type answers. A problem with the data store card perhaps? I have painstakingly gone through and checked all the transistors and diodes in the unit, ( a few hours work), albeit in circuit with a multimter, and they seem to be o.k. with no shorts or open circuits. I have not checked the Ics. I can not find data on them - Marconi-Elliot MA34, MA35, MA36, MA37 and MA38. If anyone has circuit diagrams on the anita 1011 or data on any of the ics listed above, or indeed has any potentially useful information regarding my restoration challenge - I would love to hear from you. Best Regards paul Griffiths