From: Osmo Joronen
Email: osmo_joronen@hotmail.com


I agree with you 100%. Don't lose hope though, I had a HP11C with Survey programs, for building roads, which is what I do in British Columbia. One day I lost it, and could not do my job unless I had another, FAST! I couldn't get a HP11C anywhere but I found a HP32S in a local Buy and Sell paper. I thought I was sunk, no programs for it. I was able, by thinking logically, i.e. how I would manually do the work, to program it without the slightest difficulty. I made a few other programs as well that help me to this day! Simplicity. You are right, this is it. Find one from someone who doesn't appreciate it as much as you do. Osmo http://peacecountry0.tripod.com