Re: Jammed Facit C1-13

From: a. ikonomou
Email: anastasios.ikonomou@free.fr


These things all seem to get stuck. I just bought one that had the proof register clearing handle stuck. I managed to put it back in order quite easily. I removed the cover and back, as well as the side (where the crank is). I took out the window panel, (through which you can see the digits). Underneath on the right you can see a cog which normally is activated by the handle and which clears the proof register. This cog is actually a sector (the teeth don't go around the entire cog). I was able to turn it carefully and slowly with a screwdriver, and pressing regularly the clearing handle, it eventually came to its normal position and the handle was working again. Jamming is usually due to inexperienced users, who manage to put the moving parts in positions that they arent supposed to be in in the first place. The whole thing is to guess what the proper operating position of the moving parts is.