Vintage Calculators to get for the Mailing Fees only

From: Jack Levandovski
Email: yacekt11@wp.pl


Hello,Dear Friends, I have some old vintage calculators to give to somebody is interested of,for the mailing fees only.A Prinztronic with VFD and GI CR chip(hand-held),a FORD(!) hand-held one,A TI (type to be checked,forgotten for now,sorry)inclinated housing, with red LEDs. Maybe also a Russian"desktop"ISKRA 111 with Nixies and the tape storage drive for a HP 45(?) desktop one(it had a red display,memory drawers and maybe stand-alone FDD,own little printer incorporated and a daisywheel-printer port?)(unfortunately I missed to rescue it against scraping).Please kindly contact me under the above e-mail address and I will "dig" in some places to get them for you,Dear Friends. Regards, Jack