Re: Blue Reincarnation Narcissus painting by Jaisini

From: J


Quik, My sweet Yustas dear,: I finally had some time to read more of your stories -at random-by my intereset in the titles and I Absolutley Love and Adore with Huge appaulse An Artist and Two Rats. Ilaughed out loud and was deeply touched as it showed your full range of emotions and spheres of your imagination.AS oppossed to Sinphony. To all the naysayers, I say this man did not just fall off the turnip truck and even if there is speculation over "invisible art" who cares? The idea is really quite fantastic really. I also adored the line in Drunken Santa about the "polite middle finger" beinb the thumb.....!!!! great humor...Ilove you Yustas Janine print it baby!