Re: Blue Reincarnation Narcissus painting by Jaisini

From: Josh


I thought I would post this here in the debate forum because .... now why do you think I posted this here? I just received this in my mail box. I know how I reacted and will post my thoughts, (errrr, they say my thoughts are going to posted soon?) but I did not want to influence anyone with my paint prior to them choosing paint for themselves. This is the e-mail --------- You are contacted because your comments were published or are going to be published at http://members.aol.com/JaisiniArt/home.html The official Paul Jaisini site. Yustas Kotz-Gottlieb New York This action is taken on behalf of Gleitzeit, Jaisini to bring high aesthetics to people. Jaisini / Gleitzeit / Supermodernity