Re: Anita 1011 calculator to be restored. - Anyone help?

From: Ian Partridge
Email: ian@altair.org.uk


I was a technical instructor for Sumlock Anita from 1968 to 1975, and remember the Anita 1000 series well. They were the first to use ICs as against all transistors Like the predecessor the Mk12, and others). Sadly I didn't keep any of the tech info on them. However, the ICs were the then new MOS-based type and to the best of my knowledge were custom built for Sumlock by Marconi-Elliott. Generally speaking, service was done by board swap, and then the boards were repaired (ifr possible) at our central training and servicing centre, which was at Apsley, just outside Hemel Hempstead. Not much help, I fear, but a bit of background - it took me back a bit!