Model 9 Addo Adding Machine

From: Malcolm Milner
Email: mmilner@norex.com.au


I have just noticed some recent discussions on the Addo Model 9. I have 3 in my collection and they are all different. Serial No.B50450 is a sterling model made by A B Addo - Malmo in Sweden. It looks identical to the model shown in the photos except mine is grey. Most adding machines sold in Australia at one period seem to be a dull grey. Serial No. B59716 has a larger frame and case. It is a decimal model but could be a converted sterling machine. It was also made by A B Addo - Malmo. The third machine, serial No. F55818, now has a decimal keyboard but was definitely sterling at one time as the additional farthing mechanism with dangling springs still exists. The case is the same as the pictured machine, but grey, and was made by Addo Machine Co. at Cirencester Glos.