Sinclair Executive Memory

From: Michael Burdett
Email: m.burdett@virgin.net


I am in the process of putting a large number of personal possessions on ebay. At the bottom of one of my boxes of supposed junk I discovered a long forgotten Sinclair calculator, which I last used in about 1975, always promising at the time, "I really must get some new batteries for this." It is a white Sinclair Executive Memory QA 20M in near perfect condition, with the sweetest little buttons known to man. It is still in its original solid hinged box which is black leather with a shiny gold metal banding. The calculator nestles into a red snugfit moulded bed (a tiny bit scruffy) with spaces at the bottom for 4 replacement batteries (empty). Inside it has a soft black leather carrying case suspended under the lid of the box by two black elastic support strings. There is also contained within a white laminated card with brief instructions for using the QA 20M. Thankfully there are no batteries inside the machine, so my assumption is that if you bought 4 "Mallory type MP675H" batteries and popped them in, the red LED's could flicker straight back to life like they did in the seventies (maybe I should test that theory out-are they still available?) On the reverse of the calculator is a serial number applied on a small silver label which reads 348540, and at the bottom of the back of the calculator is the legend "SINCLAIR" in large letters with "made by Sinclair Radionics Ltd St Ives Huntingdonshire England." I am sorry that this is a rather long winded mail, but I thought it best to give you all the details. I would like to thank Joerg Woerner who suggested that I post this message, as I did not realise there was such enthusiasm for calculators. I also have to admit that it was only through searching this site that stopped me from throwing it in the bin (for which I am sorry to relate). So if you are, or know anyone that would be, interested in making an offer for this calculator please don't hesitate to get in touch with me before it goes up for auction. Yours Sincerely Michael Burdett