Saw Marchant electromech 12 col. for sale in DC

From: Michael Ravnitzky
Email: mikerav@Mindspring.com


I spotted a Marchant electromechanical calculator for sale in a small DC-area Thrift shop, I think it was a 12 column machine. Cord is very frayed, machine is pretty dusty but owner says it worked last time it had been plugged in, and I believe him. Model number was not apparent from quick inspection. It is not my machine - I am simply posting this as a public service. The machine is at the Odd-Even Thrift Antique Shop, 3400 Rhode Island Avenue, Mt. Rainier, Maryland (just outside DC) 20712, open MF 10-7, Sat 10-6. 301-864-6755 or 58, ask for Bill. I think that's all the info I have.