New Teacher's Pack of 10 Sharp EL-E300 Fractions and Statistics Calculators

From: doug
Email: alwaysup@att.net


This is a new Pack of 10 Sharp EL-E300 Fractions and Statistics Calculators. One of the neatest features is the ability to look at a fraction in three different ways by selected between three buttons. Include reference card. Here are the features of the Sharp EL-E300: •Full dot-matrix display for true fraction representation on a large 12 character by 2 line display •Equation Editor Function allows users to enter and view expressions as the appear in textbooks •E/Z function shows step-by-step solutions to fraction problems •Equation playback function recalls 16 equations •Fraction functions: •Simplifications •Mixed fractions •Reduce to common denominator •Greatest common factor and least common multiple •Percent, square root and sign change keys •Operates on 2 "AAA" batteries •Protective hard case. eMail if interested