Re: Divisumma28 Electrosensitive Paper Rolls

From: Katie Wasserman


I have a few rolls of some paper that I found on ebay way back and I thought that I'd give it a try. It fits the calculator perfectly and works great so I'm sure it's the right stuff. The label says: "Metalized Paper AD 4010 Code 6420" "20m x 60mm core 12mm coated side out". But no manufacturer's name is on the label, just a cryptic line "VE 71 SPEZ.145" Here's a link to similar size/type paper used in a water analysis machine http://www.alec-electronics.co.jp/html/acl1183-eshtm.htm It gives a part number and a manufacturer, but I can't find that on a web search. The Sinclair ZX-81 printer also used electro-sensitive paper, but in a wider format (a bit over 4"). It's often on ebay (see current item 2765961405 for example) so you can get a few rolls of that and cut them down, I think that will work okay.