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Hello all. I have three questions on semi-vintage calculators : 1. Is the PC1270 capable of running without batteries if fitted on the (powered) CE-50 ? The 1270 has a 32K RAM card, probably empty. The machine doesn't power up. 2. On an X-07, there is an additional chip marked Toshiba TC5565PL-15, does this make for an additional 8K RAM available ? There is also a XM-101 (8K RAM card) on this system, the battery is depleted and I removed it from the card. Should I see or not the extra RAM without the battery ? I only have 14K (with or without the XM-101) instead of the expected 22K. 3. I'm searching for a Radofin 2200 (LED, klixon), for purchase or trade with a comparable machine. Please make offers. Thank you for your help.