Re: Information requested on the Victor 4900 line

From: Rick Bensene - The Old Calculator Web Museum
Email: oldcalcs@bensene.com


I don't have any specific information about the 4900, but the 4900 was a machine in a line of Victor's 4000-series calculators. The 4000-series machines were desktop programmable calculators, with a 5x7, 110 character per second dot-matrix printer, and a built-in magnetic card device for offline program storage/retrieval. All of the machines in the line have two standard accumulating memory registers, 14 digit capacity, with up to 13 digits behind the decimal point. The mag card unit may store both program steps and memory register content. Additional memory registers range from a low of 6 on the model 4500, through 102 on the 4800. Program memory varied between 128 steps on the 4500, and 1000 on the model 4800. My guess is that the 4900 added additional memory registers and program steps. The machines provide ASMD, along with square root and percent functions. The machines provide conditional and unconditional branch capabilities with labels versus absoute addresses. Some models have user-definable function keys to allow one-key access to programmed functions. These machines were on the market in the '75-76 timeframe. I hope this helps. Rick Bensene The Old Calculator Web Museum http://oldcalculatormuseum.com