HP, SHARP and TI manuals for sale

From: Julie Moore
Email: julie.moore@qualitymail.com


I have a stack of calculator manuals, mostly from the 70s and early 80s that need a good home. (No actual calculators, just the books) E/F = English/French Texas Instruments BA-III - Quick Reference Guide BA SOLAR - Quick Reference Guide SR-11 SR-16 SR-16-II SR-50A TI-2550-II TI-30 STAT - Owner's Manual E/F TI-30-II Slimline TI-30-III - Owner's Manual E/F TI-31 SOLAR - Quick Reference Guide TI-32 - Owner's Manual E/F TI-32 SOLAR - OWner's Manual E/F TI-34 - Owner's Manual E/F TI-35 GALAXY SOLAR - Quick Reference Guide TI-35 PLUS - Quick Reference Guide TI-35 SOLAR - Quick Reference Guide E/F TI-35 Slimline E/F TI-35-II Slimline E/F TI-36 SOLAR - Owner's Manual E/F TI-37 GALAXY SOLAR - Quick Reference Guide TI-40 E/F TI-50 Slimline TI-56 - Quick Reference Guide E/F TI-57 LCD - Quick Reference Guide SHARP Operation Manuals EL-509D, EL-531P, EL-531Q E/F EL-525 EL-530A E/F/German/Spanish/Italian/Swedish EL-531A E/F/German/Spanish/Italian EL-545 - Instruction Manual E/F/Spanish EL-545H E/F/German/Spanish/Italian/Swedish EL-557 EL-586 E/F HP HP-45 Quick Reference Guide HP-65 Quick Reference Guide HP-65 Owner's Handbook HP-35 Operating Manual HP-67 Owner's Handbook and Programming Guide and some relatively new ones... HP 48 Super Calculator - Sparcom Quick Guide (x3) HP 48SX Scientific Expandable - Owner's Manual Volume I (x2) HP 48SX Scientific Expandable - Owner's Manual Volume II