Re: HP28S

From: Mehmet Yuce
Email: mehmetyuce@earthlink.net


I have one if you like. I want to sell it, along with a couple of books ( I even have it's printer if interested) The calculator functions perfectly fine. The little rubber pads underneath are missing and he cap for the battery compartment cracked. But I have been using it that way for years. It shouldn't be a problem. I was thinking for asking around $80-$90 (excluding shipping)for everything (books on programs, the calculator, the infrared printer and I think I still have the thermal paper that it prints on). The printer has one flaw, and that is it when it prints A's, they look like H's because somehow the upper line doesn't show up. I realize this is probably more than you asked for, and it's been a couple of months since you posted this message, but if you're still interested just e-mail me.