Announcing an Anita 810 and Anita 811 simulator

From: Simon Southwell
Email: simon_southwell@bigfoot.com


A new JavaScript simulation of the Anita 810 and 811 handheld electronic calculators is now available. Source code can be found at www.lyvedon-way.fsnet.co.uk/calc/Anita811.zip and is under a GNU general public license, or you can run the calculators directly from your browser at www.lyvedon-way.fsnet.co.uk/calc/LAUNCH.HTM and then choose one of the hyperlinks. The zip file contains a small README.pdf file for usage information, or this can be viewed at www.lyvedon-way.fsnet.co.uk/calc/README.pdf. The README file mentions an Adler 81 'skin', but this is not yet available. This should happen within the next couple of weeks. The models are meant to operate in the same way as the calculators themselves, and hopefully give a feel for the operation of these early devices for those who do not have access to the genuine article. A forum page for the model is being set up at www.voidware.com/phpBB2/index.php shortly, and any questions, comments, suggestions or issues may be posted there. It is hoped (but not guaranteed!) that further models will be developed for the later Anita calculators (831, 841 etc.)