From: Geoff
Email: geoff@geoffswoodwork.co.uk


MULDIVO MENTOR WSR 160 CALCULATOR I've just obtained the Muldive Mentor. The operations seemed okay but none of the selector levers will go past the number 7 and I was not sure if the clearance levers were fully functioning. It worked satisfactory using the levers up to 6? I downloaded the operating manual and read it to no avail. I was a little afraid forcing anything for fear of damaging it. It seemed in very good condition with no obvious signs of wear/tear and no damage. The attempts to free the levers with oil failed and it became apparent that there was a more serious problem. My attention went to the gear cylinders and the setting registers. The clearance and back transfer levers were suspect too. So I delved inside the covers and immediately noted that the securing set screws had been tampered with because the red sealing paint was broken and the slots had signs of burrs were a screwdriver had been. I then spent about three hours working out how to reset the cylinders, levers and registrations so that they all were in synchro and the register assy correctly located . Eventually after quite a number of false hopes they all clicked into place and the back transfer levers started working too. The only minor problem now is that the carriage appears to tab once right too much but I understand that and can work with it. (I am not sure if this is a fault I say it following the examples in the downloaded manual)