Sharp CE-125 Printer/Micro-Cassette Tape Drive

From: doug
Email: alwaysup@att.net


Due to some concerns I carefully opened the unit on 2/15/04 to inspect the rechargeable batteries to make sure they had not leaked. They are very fine SHARP units and sealed in plastic. There was no corrosion or leakage. They are soldered so I did not remove them. It only requires 7 phillips head screws to be removed to inspect or change the cells. They have a memory and might be chargeable after all these years. (1) Model CE-125 Instruction Manual (2) Application Software manual - 103 pp - Unbelievable programming examples for the PC-1250/CE-125 (3) Beautiful Case which holds everything - includes shelves for instruction/application manuals (4) A/C adapter (5) 3 x Rolls of Paper sealed in plastic bag - never opened (6) Brand new patch cord in plastic bag - stapled never opened (For external standard tape drive) (7) Micro-Cassette Tape with PC-1250/CE-125 Applications (8) New Blank Microcassette Data Tape The applications micro-cassette contains actual detailed programs completely documented in the applications manual. Even the tape counter where the programs begin and end are tabled. The CE-125 is listed as working with the following SHARP computers. PC-1150, PC-1245, PC-1246, PC-1246DB, PC-1246S, PC-1247, PC-1248, PC-1248DB, PC-1250, PC-1250A, PC-1251, PC-1253, PC-1260, PC-1261, PC-1262, PC-1270 I don't have any of the models so I could never actually use it or test it so I never opened any of the materials. I know to a person that owns one of the units listed above it would be a valuable tool, and to a collector a brand new boxed unit. eMail for photograph packet or to make an offer.