Re: Anita 1011 LSI

From: Simon Southwell
Email: simon_southwell@bigfoot.com


Tony, I just recently purchased an Anita 1000 LSI, in good working order, on ebay for 160. I believe the 1011 LSI has a memory, % and rounding in addition to the 1000 features, but I'm unsure whether this makes it more valuable to collectors or not. I'm in the process of writing a simulator for the Anita 1000 LSI and am wondering if you have any pictures of your 1011 that you'd be willing to let me use to simulate this model too (see www.lyvedon-way.fsnet.co.uk/calc/anita1000.htm for the kind of thing I'm thinking of). I recently finished simulators for the Anita 811 and 810 hand-held calculators, with donations of images from members of the collector community, and am hoping to simulate as many Anita calculators as I can for a sort of virtual, but dynamic, museum. (see www.lyvedon-way.fsnet.co.uk/calc/CALC.HTM). In any event, I'm glad you want to hang on to your Anita; it's a fine piece of British design.