Looking for toothed belt for Olympia

From: ullrich_h
Email: ullrichheinemann@web.de


Hello all, glad I found this Forum. I am searching for a toothed belt(?) ("Zahnriemen" in german) for the repair of a Olympia electromechanical printing adding machine (around 1964). I have another very similar (1962) machine with a belt reading "PGZ 11/2270" - whatever that means. The pitch seems to be about 5mm (but not exactly?) The 2270 seems to hint to a circumference (or maybe rather 'effective length') of 2*227 mm. (455mm seems to be a standard effective length for such belts) I would appreciate any hint on where to find such an item (or any offer of selling one) Best regards Ullrich PS: I am also looking for a copy of the manuals of a full-keyboard Mercedes Euclid.