Re: HP's FOR SALE - 11c, 15c, 28c,28s,48sx

From: Brian Shumaker
Email: brianshumaker@acsalaska.net


M. Miller: I'm preparing for the PE Civil Exam in April. My boss and mentor has always used an HP 11C and I have been impressed with its size/convenience and quality. New exam rules no longer allow any calculator with communication capabilities (such as all high-end HP's now) or alpha-keys (many calculators now allow text to be entered with such keys). I've used an HP 20S since graduating school and as a civil engineer intern and would enjoy using an old 11C or 15C for my daily work as a geotechnical engineer in Anchorage, AK. I don't know what all your calculators are worth. How does $50 each for the 11C and 15C sound ($100 total). Regards, Brian