Wanted: Old Electronic Calculator Manuals To Scan

From: Katie Wasserman
Email: katie10543@yahoo.com


On my web site http://www.wass.net/manuals I have downloadedable PDF's of old electronics calculator manuals (pre-LCD). I'm looking to add more and would love to scan some of yours if you have them. In particular, I would really like to get manuals for: <br> <pre> Compucorp 344 Compucorp 354 Compucorp 360/365 Kings Point FN-85 Commodore PR100 Summit MCC Olivetti Divisuma 18 </pre> <br> ...and other interesting (scientific, programmable, metric conversion, financial) calculators that you might have manuals for. <br> Of course, you'll get full credit on my web site and I'll pay for shipping and/or copying charges. If you want to send me the manual(s) for copying, I'll take very good care of it and return it to you promptly. <br> -Katie