New Rockwell calculator simulators available

From: Simon Southwell
Email: simon_southwell@bigfoot.com


In recent weeks simulators for Rockwell calculators have been posted to www.lyvedon-way.fsnet.co.uk/calc/CALC.HTM. These include a 30R, 20R/21R, 8F and a Radio Shack EC220 (an 8R variant) to add to the existing Anita and Rockwell simulators. In addition I am looking for further images to add as 'skins' to existing simulators. In particular I am look for images of Radio Shack EC-415, Sears 8M and Rockwell/True Value 9TR, as well as others (see www.lyvedon-way.fsnet.co.uk/calc/wanted.htm for more information.) If you can help, please get in touch.