Addiator Universal - Magic Brain Slogans

From: John Huey
Email: johnhuey@yahoo.com


I just purchased a Addiator Universal Standard Model that came with a box. The box has printed on it that it is: "Exclusively Distributed by Harrison Hoge Ind., Incorporated 104 Arlington Ave. St. James New York 11780 Canadian Office - Toronto, Canada" Harrison Hoge was (and is) a mail order distributor. Although, today they deal only with sporting goods. It was and is run by the Hoge family. The box has the slogans: "Easy To Use! Saves Costly Errors! Saves you Time!" and "Perfect for Salesmen Students Businessmen Lawyers Housewives Accountants" These are the same slogans that appear on the Magic-Brain Calculator boxes. So my questions are: Is 'Harrison Hoge' related to the 'Harrison Home Products'? Did Harrison Hoge come up with the slogans or did they 'borrow' them from the Magic Brain? Any help will be appreciated. John Huey There is also a price sticker on the plastic case. It is hard to read but I think it says $2.95