FS HP12C, HP37E and Unitrex Mini Handy 80SR

From: Michael McDermott
Email: misfitinzion@yahoo.com


For sale are the following 3 calculators: HP12C Serial Number 3639M02870 HP 37E Serial Number 2207S31052 Unitrex Mini Handy 80SR Serial Number A47F23741 I set up a photo album so that you can see pictures of them here: http://pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/michaelthomasmcdermott/album?.dir=/e61e My eBay handle is game-bay (I have a 100% feedback), and I can set these up as "buy it now's" if you feel more comfortable doing it that way. As you can see from the pictures, the HP12C is in extremely good condition and passed the self test. This calculator is of course from 1996, and comes with the case and manual. I would like $42 plus $5 for shipping. The 37E is also in very good condition and it's from 1982. I do not have the case or manual for this one. The battery compartment is completely clean and it passed the self test. The previous owner took out the rechargable batteries and put in alkaline ones. I've had this one next to my computer and used it to balance my checkbook a few times and it works great. Best offer on this one. Next is a Unitrex Mini Handy 80SR with a case. This is in good condition but as you can see in the picture the battery compartment does need to be cleaned, but it isn't bad. It works, but in the picture of the display it should be all 8's and obviously the LED's aren't lighting up quite right for the first 3 numbers. Best offer on this one as well. If I don't have any takers, I'm going to put these up on eBay tomorrow night. Thanks! Contact misfitinzion@yahoo.com