Re: Q. Modern manufacturing costs

From: Frank Boehm


As you probably know by now, you could easily grab sub-1$ in most stores. Chinese manufacturing costs are really low, I assume the most expensive part is the LCD display, followed by the batteries and the CPU. Everything else (box/blister, manual, case, keypad) is cheap, I guess each of these are 2 cents or less. Alltogether, my estimate is 50 cents for the completed, tested product (carefully packaged by hand <g>), add 10 cents manufactures margin, 5 cents shipping - and the rest is all yours :) That given, the TI calculator presented by Joerg: http://www.datamath.org/Sci/Modern/BA-II-PLUS_Prof.htm does probably cost about 2$ to manufacture. Add some dozens of $ for the IP (intellectual property) and teh brand name...