Re: TI-1200 & TI-55, What are these worth?

From: doug
Email: always2STOPSPAMup@att.net


If you want to sell them on ebay, then there is a way you can find this information, and the price expected by selling on ebay. Here are two approaches. 1. Advanced Search - At the top right of your [My eBay] page if you have one. 2. http://search.ebay.com/ws/search/AdvSearch?sofindtype=13&ssPageName=h:h:advsearch:US If you don't You only have to set the TI model number [ti-55 or ti-1200] and check the Completed listing only, which are highlighted in RED below, and those selections will show you what the unit(s) have sold for over the last 30 days.