Pictures of FACIT calculators

From: Harald Schmid
Email: info@rechenautomat.de


I'm looking for pictures of electromechanical Facit calculators and for (scanned) Facit advertisements. I would like to put them on my website http://www.rechenautomat.de in order to extend the picture database therein. Preferably I'm hunting for pictures of the following Facit models: T, E, EK, EA, NEK, NEA, ESA, ESA-0, CE/CS/CA 1-13, CA2-16, CA2-16SX, 1006, 1007, 1051, but I'm interested in photos of other Facit machines as well. If you have Facit calculators in your collection, then I would be very happy to get pictures of them (if possible, together with the serial numbers). This may help to find all design variations of Facit machines.