Summit SI-90

From: Steve M.


I have a Summit SI-90 scientific, with charger and case, bought in 1974. The calculator and case are in perfect cosmetic shape. The charger has had some repairs. The batteries went south a while ago. The display can be made to light up and calculate numbers, but there are some electronic glitches. (Might just be a microphonic connection in the charger contact; a good cleaning with CRC or similar would fix that.) Rather than just throw it in the trash, I'd like to see if any collector on this forum wants it. Asking $10 plus shipping. For more info on Summit, see http://www.vintagecalculators.com/html/summit__a_man_and_an_idea.html . Contact masticol (a) yahoo.com (replacing the (a) with an @ sign.) Cheers, - Steve.