Anita Calculator Simulators URL change

From: Simon Southwell
Email: simon@anita-simulators.org.uk


Please note that the Anita Calculator Simulators website has a new URL: "www.anita-simulators.org.uk". Please update your bookmarks etc. The Anita Calculator Simulator website is dedicated to the collection and online simulation of calculators associated with the Sumlock Anita Electronics factory in Portsmouth U.K. where, in the sixties, the world's first electronic desktop calculators were manufactured, and the technology developed until the end of the L.E.D. handheld age in the mid seventies. Over 20 different calculators are simulated online for you to have a go at, with more in the pipeline. Also articles about the factory, the calculators and technicalities of writing calculator simulations. Please visit the website, or email me at the above address.