Re: The Calculator Company from Grand Rapids, Mich

From: Terry
Email: tsmallwood1@cogeco.ca


The Calculator Corp. of Grand Rapids Mich. purchased the patent for that Pascaline calculator from my great, great Uncle Duncan Smallwood who invented and patented it in 1926 in Oakland, CA. He (like I) was originally from St. Johns, Newfoundland. The Calulator Corp. later became The Lightning Calculator Corp. There was also a Lightning Adding Machine Sales Co. in Los Angeles that continued to sell these calculators up into the 1950's. It was originally manufactured and sold in 1926 under the name "The Smallwood Calculator" and later as "The Lightning Calculator". Worthy of note is that his nephew (his bros. Charles' son, and my great Uncle) Joseph Smallwood became the first Premier of Newfoundland when he led then British Colony into Confederation with Canada in 1949. This concludes today's history lesson.. heh.. Most of the info I have is collected from internet resources - if anyone has more info on these companies I'd love to hear about it. Terry Smallwood