Sell Marchant "Pony"

From: Bob Wieking
Email: bobnancy@kvalley.com


> > I have recently inherited one Marchant Pony calculator. > serial #05067/patents June 6, 1911 and Feb 22, 1916. > > I am interested in selling it to a person who wishes to pay a > full and honest amount for the machine. Would you care to > indicate your own calculator interest and/or the interest that other > folks that you might be aware of? If needed, I can go ahead > and shoot photos and send hard copy or via internet. The only > apparent damage is one ear of the left-side nickel-plated > rotary "wing- knob" has been broken off and is lost. I do NOT have any portion of a wooden "box" that it might have originally come with. > Bob Wieking > Ellensburg, WA