Sharp EL-506A: what size screws for hold cover in place?

From: Phillip Rhodes
Email: mindcrime@cpphacker.co.uk


Hi, does anybody know the spec for the screws that hold the cover on, for a Sharp EL-506A? I went to replace the batteries in mine earlier tonight ( I had not touched this thing for some time) and realized that both cover screws were missing. God only knows when (or how) I lost them. Anyway, it sort of works the way it is. But without those screws, the cover doesn't hold the batteries firmly in place and so it loses power and shuts off sporadically. If anyone knows the exact spec on the screws I need, could you please let me know what they are? I tried a bunch of screws I had in my toolbox, but they were all from PC related stuff, and all were many sizes too large for this. :-( Thanks, Phil