For Trade List

From: db (martinez ca.)
Email: dennisbelilloNOHORMEL@hotmail.com


CALCULATOR TRADING LIST what we're looking for here is a win-win situation. -you can get a pile of AOS calcs in trade for any RPN that i don't already have. -my purpose in life is not to provide resellers with a cheap source of h.p.'s to sell on ebay -if we can't come up with a trade, i can sell - but i'd rather trade - you get a better deal that way too. -if you want; we can use ball and flam's book &/or ebay to help establish relative worth for trading. -* signifies that this unit is not in the above book so it might be a bit uncommon -"not working" means the problem is more serious than a dead battery or obvious loose connection. -if i have a small manual that you don't have and you'd like a photocopy; send me an envelope. -if i have a spare ac adapter that goes with one of my calcs and i don't know it; please enlighten me. -years of introduction or earliest reference, if known, in ( ) -TI's can come with a case and charger / if you want, the 58/59 have photocopies of the manuals. ITEMS FOR TRADE; Handheld Calculators *Adler 108T - looks like the 81s & 121c, looks great, has case, not working (probably 74 or 75) *Adler 816 AD - desktop size, uses 4 c cells, green screen, 3 odd annunciators, works/looks good APF Mark 23 - looks good, with case, not working APF Mark 26 & ac adapter - looks very good and works but keyboard often double enters (1975) APF Mark 40 - mint in box with instructions (75) APF Mark 41 - looks & works good, w case, instructions & ac adapter - but this ain't no hp 41 APF Mark 42 - looks and works good, tactile feedback keyboard, w. a.c. adapter APF Mark 43 - looks & works good, w ac adapter, serial # h43015921 APF Mark 50 - scientific, looks good, works, with case APF Mark 51 - scientific, blue/green screen, looks and works good, with factory ac adapter APF M2202 - early lcd/late apf, thin metal case, looks ok, works (198?) 5000/Casio CQ-1 - portable calc/clock/stopwatch, looks & works great, p-copy of inst. (+/- 1976) Berkey-Omega 100 - looks and works good. panaplex II disp. ('73) Bohn Instant - works & looks good, green VFD, w adapter (1972) Bomar MX 80 - looks good, i assume it works but it takes 6 soldered in A cells and i have no charger for it. with case & book (1973)----or i would like to obtain a charger for this calcer. Bomar MX 100 - sci fnct, needs charger (1974) Brother Procal 408 - looks great, no charger so i didn't test it. Brother's 1'st calc. (1971) *Brother Procal 508Y - looks & works good, with case, copy of manual, ac adapter (+/- 1973) Brother 827A - looks ok, works Calcumatic 860 - ugly, battery rot, missing plastic cover for flour disp & bat door but it WORKS (75) Caltronic 812 - klixon keypad, looks good, + & - work, / works sort of and x don't (1972) Canon Card LC - probably 80's lcd with unique circular screw-in battery lid on front. works Canon Palmtronic LD 8s - rechargeable bat pack. needs canon ac adapter "ad 2" Cannon Palmtronic LD-8M 2 - Green screen, Works and has slipcase but is missing battery door Canon Palmtronic LD 10M2 - blue flour, 4 fct, sq rt, %, 1/X, mem, w case. Canon Palmtronic LE-84 - works & has case but is missing battery door (74 or 75) Canon TP-6 - odd pocket printer with odd keys Canon Canola L813 - looks and works good *Casio Biolator - looks good, everything works except the "science" biorhythms are based on () Casio memory 8R - works & looks good, "landscape" format (1973) Casio memory-8A - works and looks good Casio memory 8F - looks good, works (1974) Casio fx-10 - casio's first scientific, works and looks good with ac adapter (1974) *Casio Memory 10F - front looks good--back too if your name is roger, works, with case, 2 = signs (75?) Casio CQ 1 - portable calc/clock/stopwatch, looks & works great, with p-copy of instructions(1976) *Casio CQ 81 - yellow lcd, use 2 AA bats, angle head, alarm clock calc, work good, look bad. (late 70's) Casio LC 821 - yellow lcd, mint in box, with wallet instructions & casio notepad (78?) Casio micro mini - yellow lcd, clamshell case, good visually but missing batt door, works (1976) Casio Personal Mini - horiz format, 6 digit, looks and works good Casio Pocket Mini - looks and works good, very small, w case Casio Mini (cm 604) - looks good, not working, with case Casio Mini (cm 605) - looks and works good (1975) Casio Mini Memory - looks fair, works good,one scratch in screen & bat door needs piece of tape Casio AQ-1000 stopwatch/calculator - yellow lcd, looks good, with wallet (1978) Casio AL-8 - excepts fractions, stat fnctns, pcopy of manual., looks & works good (76) 2 of this one Casio AL-8S (aka AX 75) calc with date function - looks good, works (1977) *Casio HL-807 - yellow lcd, looks ok, works *Casio pocket mini CP801C - looks new, with case, not working Casio Personal Mini - green disp, landscape format, "show hidden decimals" key, works & looks great Casio memory 8R - looks good, not working, missing battery door, with case (1973) Casio LC 78 Mini Card - yellow lcd very thin very small *Casio fx 120 - blue screen, looks and works good, sci fnct, with case *Casio fx 140 - blue disp, full sci funt, with case, looks and works good *Commodore LC4512 - yellow LCD, scientific functions, looks and works good Commodore MM3 - looks and works good, with case (73) Commodore MM6 - rpn, missing batt door, looks rough but works....in rpn (1974) Commedore MM6X - rpn, missing batt door, looks rough but works....rpn too(74) Commodore SR 1400 - looks and works good, has case and charger. *Commodore 786D - looks and works good, with Commodore model 505 ac adapter Commodore 887D - looks and works good Commodore GL987R - green flour screen, looks ok, works, with commodore charger Commedore GL989R - green flour screen, looks good, needs charger Commodore 4120D - looks and works good but missing battery door Commodore F4146R - financial, looks and works good Commodore SR4148R - full scientific functions, 2 memories, looks great Commodore SR7919 - Sci Fctns, looks good, works better Commodore SR6120R - looks ok *Compex ST 10 - thin metal, green screen, with book of tables/memo tablet, wallet, instructions(76) *Compex 5501 - yellow lcd, scientific/stat., nec ic, looks ok, works good (i guess 78 or 79) Craig M100 - french translator/calculator, beat up,seldom works, 14 segment blue LED disp. Craig 4509B - looks and works great, w ac adapter Craig 4514 - looks ok, works, landscape format, tube display (75) Craig 4516 - green flour. disp. works & looks good Craig 4519 - green flour. disp. works & looks good, with case and instructions Elektronika MK 61 - blue flour, russian RPN scientific programmable, looks ok, works good ('83) Enterprex SR 55 - sci fct minus trig, green screen, sure looks like a commodore *Elle "Taschen-Rechner" S 2001- German 4 banger w sq rt & % green flour *Enterprex 611 - red led 4 fctn with sq rt, x sq, %, 1/x, x to y, mem, works, seems to be early 70's Enterprex BJ-21 - game and calc. similar to unisonic 21 but not exactly. good visually, works ok (1976) *Gillette GPA model PC 1 - looks very good, works, made by sinclair (75-76) Hanimex 205 - calc/tape recorder & case, this is the HOLY GRAIL, looks great, not working, w two tapes HP 10B - looks and works like new HP 11C - looks and works good but missing badge HP 12C - missing badge but works good (81) HP 21 - with adapter, works, tested w working battery but does not come with battery (75) HP 35 - works, looks it's age, with charger(1973) HP 35 - broken "just parts" unit HP 48G - like new, with manuals and case HP 91- looks and works good HP 97 - looks and works good JCE Percent - looks and works great Made in Palo Alto, Ca.(1972) Ketstone 390 - looks good, needs keystone model 275 charger Kings Point 8412 Micro Memory - looks good, one tube not working Kings Point micro executive - rough shape, works, no batt pack but with orig. k.p. battery charger *Kings Point super memory KP-300 - looks fine, works, ghosts in tube display. with ac adapter. *Konkret 100 - East German 4 banger, bright orange, looks and works good Kosmos 1 - works & looks ok. don't you wish that life was really this simple? Kosmos 2 - biorythm caop/ calc w box manual case & warrantee card, works Litronix 1100 - looks ok and works but the second # from the right is dead on the screen Litronix 1101 - looks ok, dead, with case Litronix 1101P - works good, looks ok Litronix 1102 - looks and works good, with case (1974) *Litronix 1600 - excellent cond, works, with case, only calc i know besides hp to use "back arrow" key Litronix 2200 - conversion calculator; works and looks like new, with case Litronix 2230 - looks & works good/one bad seg. 2nd one looks bad but good disp. copy of man.(75) Litronis 2230/2235 - looks and works like new, with case and manual(+/- 75) Lloyds E620-1 Cardette - yellow lcd, in box Lloyds Accumatic 30 - looks and works good, flour. screen, with case Lloyds Accumatic 200 - works fine, missing a piece of metal trim on the side of case (1973) Lloyds Accumatic 304 - looks good, keyboard works funky, has case Lloyds Accumatic 310 - looks good, top segment in all #'S dead=bad connection at disp chip, case Lloyds Accumatic 321 - looks good, don't work, with case, japan *Lloyds Accumatic 335 - blue disp, trig, p-r, log, ln, D.ms & their inverses, x-y, exponents, works Lloyds Accumatic 341 - looks & works good, very small with worlds 2nd weirdest batt door LLoyd's Accumatic 419 - looks and works good Loan Arranger II - the one sued by "the loan ranger", looks good, lights up, kybd doesn't respond *Mariner NRC 7200 - kilxon keybd, made in New York, looks great, haven't charged the batts (72?) Mayfair 2W01B - same as a soundesign and morse model, big, perfect shape (no later than '73) MBO 3000 - same as ongnica 3000, roblamb, and boshi. looks good, works, with case (1974) *Minipet 82 M-D - green vfd, looks good, powers up but doesn't work, with case & manual Monroe/Litton 98 - with monroe ac adapter, works ok, looks good, (73) National Semiconductor 99 - LCD, with case and instr. & warranty card, looks / works good (78) National Semiconductor 100 - yellow lcd, looks and works good, with wallet National Semiconductor 100A - with wallet, looks good, works *N.S.C. 103 Datachecker - in checkbook wallet with inst,yellow lcd, looks & works good National Semiconductor 200 - Looks and works good, thin, nice keyboard National Semiconductor 199 - credit card lcd made in hong kong National Semiconductor 200R - looks and works good, with desktop cradle and charger National Semiconductor 500 small printing calc, green led, mitsubishi ic - looks good, works, (1980) National Semiconductor 750 - looks good, works (78) National Semiconductor 835A - looks and works good National Semiconductor 850 - looks good but not working. made in Malaysia. parts for yours? National Semiconductor 852 - Sci fctn, tactile keys, Made in Singapore, bad on key National Semiconductor 6010 International Computer - like new with photocopy of manual (78) Neutron (not Neutroniics) 110B - red LED, 4 fctn./ mem., TI tms0972nl ras 7945 ROM, works NSC Novus 699 - solar lcd calculator / 8" ruler, looks and works good, w case The last Novus? Novus 650 - looks new, not working / i also have a working unit (1975) Novus 826 - looks and works good, with case (1975) Novus 850 - looks and works good (75) Novus 4510 Mathematician - rpn, looks and works good, p-copy of manual, ac adapter (75) *Novus mystery model - black, 4 fnct., like 850 with "k=" & "D" looks good, not working Nixdorf LK3000 - german calculator / language translator, looks good, i'm working on it (1977) Omron 606 - looks ok, works good, bright orange (1976) Ongnica 3000 - same as the MBO 3000 and all the other 3000's, nib (1974) Panasonic 850 - big, heavy, looks & works great/needs battery rebuild. w box, man, adapt (72) *National (Panasonic) Panac P-3 (JE 8003) - blue disp. looks & works like new, w case Panasonic Compuvoice - calcs & looks good but i killed the voice while fixing the keyboard. (81) *Panasonic HHC RL T500 calc & eng/span/ital translator - looks new, with case and manual (79) Qualitron 1443 "standard model" - looks and works good, green screen Qualitron 1437 "general Model" - looks and works great, with photocopy of instructions (1976) Radio Shack Astro - calc & astrological comp. blue led. fair shape, everything works, torn case Radio Shack EC-21 - blackjack game/calc, works, looks good, has wallet but missing batt door Radio Shack EC201 - works and looks good, with case and manual *Radio Shack EC-202 - ok cond., works, strange early lcd, same as Sharp EL-208 (1979) Radio Shack EC 226 - looks and works real good. made in hong kong Radio Sh. Statesman EC 264- yellow lcd, looks & works good, w- wallet & copy of manual(77or78) Radio Shack EC 281 - scientific w funky trig precision, looks and works ok, w ac adapter (78) Radio Shack EC 495 - green florescent, full sci funct. looks and works great, with case (78) Rapidman 800 - Canadian 4 banger, looks and works good, first calc priced under $100(1974) *RJR Executive (like qualitron exec. & Rockwell 24K) good shape, works (1975) Rockwell 8R - ok shape, works & a 2nd one in same shape but missing batt door(74) Rockwell 10R - looks very good, works, with case and manual (1974) Rockwell 18R - looks and works good. (1975) Rockwell 20R - good cond., works, with case (1974) Rockwell 21R - looks good, works, with case (1975?) Rockwell 22K - excellent shape, with wallet and manual (1978) Rockwell 24RD II - looks and works good, has photocopy of manual Rockwell 61R - looks good, with case and manual (74) Rockwell 63R - blue screen, scientific, looks ok, works great, with copy of manual (74) Royal 81M - fair shape, works (1978) Sanyo ICC 808D - looks and works like new, 16 digit capacity, embossed case (72) *Sanyo 8106 - scientific, w case and manual, looks / works good (prob 75/76) Sears 8 - rebaged bomar, with ac adapter , looks good, not working (74) Sears M8 - with case and manual, works (1973) Sears 10M - Looks & works great, with case and manual but no adapter. uses 3 nicads (74) Sharp EL 8 - looks great (1970) Sharp EL 201S - green flour, looks and works ok, (1976?) *Sharp EL 805 - yellow COS LCD (73) *Sharp EL-206 - yellow COS LCD, looks and works good *Sharp EL-208 - early lcd, engraved with a rusty nail, same as Radio Shack EC-202, works (1979) *Sharp Elsemate 8036 - all metal body with vinal sheet keypad--no keys, with wallet (early 80's?) Sharp 8010 - COS LCD with wallet and instructions. needs sharp ea 10 charger (75) Sharp EL8106 - green flour.,works, looks good from top; is missing batt cover (74) Sharp EL 8110 - COS LCD screen, with wallet and manual, needs a c adapter *Sharp EL8115 (not 8115S)- ok shape, works, green screen, always in exp. mode Sharp EL8116 - works but one corner is chipped off Sharp EL8117K - looks ok, works good, green screen, w case Sharp EL 8118 - looks and works good, made in Japan, "partial scientific" Sharp Compet VX-1118 - very early sharp, green screen, looks ok, not working, w/ power cord Sharp EL8120 - yellow lcd, with wallet, looks great but i haven't got the sharp#ea-20 charger for it Sharp EL 8131 - green screen, looks and works good, w case, manual, & ac adapter. 2 Sperry Remington SR663 - green screen, w.case, switch broke Sperry Remington 833GT - looks good, doesn't work, with case Sperry Remington 823 GT - looks and works good, with manual and ac adapter Teal lc811 - yellow lcd, 4 fctn, looks new, all segments function but not calculating Teal 817 - green florescent screen, looks and works great, with case and instructions TI Datamath Ver. 1 - looks and works good (72) TI DataChron - yellow lcd, basic calc, alarm clock, calendar, & stop watch, works TI Little Professor - looks good, works (1978 model) TI MBA - ok cond., works (1978) TI LCD Programmer - looks great, works, with case TI Money Manager - good physical cond., works but has display problems (1977) TI Business Analyst - not too pretty and not working either (1976) TI Business Analyst I - looks and works good TI SR 10 - 1good/1fair cond, works, with case and photocopy of manual (1972) TI SR 11 - looks and works good, with orig case TI SR 16 II - looks and works great, with ac adapter TI 30 - of course - good cond., works (1976) TI 40 - good cond., works (1976) TI 50 - worn looking but works good (74) TI SR 50A - looks and works good (1975) TI SR51 II - pretty enough, works, with manual (1976) TI 55 - of course - good cond., works (1978) TI 58C - has a dent and scratches, not working, with master library module (1978) TI 58 - looks good, not working, w master lib mod (77) TI 59 - looks good, not working, (77) //photocopy of 58/59 manual included TI 1025 - one that's in good shape & works or one that's mib with manual(1978) TI 1030 - mint in box, with wallet and manual, works (1978) TI 1035 - yellow lcd, in wallet with instruction sheet, works great, looks good () TI 1200 - looks ok, works good (1975) TI 1265 - blue flour. disp. looks and works good (1976) TI 1270 - looks and works good, made in the USA (1976) TI 1250 - works but needs faceplate; would be working guts for dead / pretty unit, manual (75) TI 1500 - looks good - i'm investigating it TI 1680 - thin vac flour with "electronic tape" looks ok, works good, w. case & 9132 (77) TI 1750 - ti's first lcd, yellow display, works, with manual & wallet, made by sharp (1977) TI 2500 Datamath - Version 2, looks and works perfect, with it's ti charger & nicads (72) TI 2550 - good cond., works, with case and manual (1974) TI 2550 II - Looks good, with case and manual, I don't have this battery so I can't test it (75) TI 2550 III - beautiful, works (1976) TI 5025 - printing calc with battery charger (1979) TI 5050 - see desktops Timex Budgetmate - yellow lcd, with wallet, works, has unique off/on/retain memory switch (70's) *Toshiba LC 830 - yellow lcd, metal case, 4 fctn w. %, sq rt, +/-, & 4 mem fctns (79?) Toshiba 8111B - blue screen, looks and works good Unicom 102 - looks good, works but 3 display segments are dead. weird battery compartment(72) Unicom 201 - rough shape but everything is there, working, flour disp, led neg & overfl. lights(73) Unisonic 21 blackjack, card game and calculator - good cond., works (+/-1977) Unisonic CB 14 (version 2)- green led checkbook calc with case. rough. shape works Unisonic XL-101 - looks and works good Unisonic 737 Slide Rulette - funky contacts but working, looks great, brushed alum. body , w. case Unisonic 740 - Looks and works good, with case and instruction manual (75) Unisonic 790-1 RM - green fluorescent, looks good, works *Unisonic 796A - sci fctns, green screen, has ac adapter, looks and works good *Unisonic 811 (not a,c,l or l-b) one dent but looks and works good. good tactile feedback keyboard. Unisonic 811c - looks & works good Unisonic 811 L - looks and works good, with case (?) Unisonic 890 - green screen, looks & works good Unisonic 911 A - looks ok, powers up but doesn't work, with case Unisonic 1049A - green flour, looks ok, dirty keyboard, works Unisonic 1540L - looks and works ok / also a free dead one if you need parts for yours Unisonic LC-272B - sturdy stainless steel thin body LCD, i don't know the age. Unitrex Micro 6 - looks good, 1 dead, 1 alive (74-76?) Unitrex mini handy 80m - looks & works good, very cool slip case Unitrex 91PM - ok cond visually, works Unitrex 800KD - looks and works great, horiz layout, panplex disp Wards P 130 - Looks and works good, Japan Wards P200 - rough shape, photocopy of manual, works, (1973) *Whitehall WH-1 - made in U.S. by commodore, red led 4 banger w mem., not working(early to mid 70's) *Xonex model ECL 81 III - made in japan, looks good, works, (appears from 74 or older) Desktop / Laptop / Palmtop Garrett 2000 - RPN looks and works good but needs the devide key (72) Garrett 2002 - RPN calc/clock, will sit with perfect aplomb on your Chippendale end table Omron 800K - made in baja california, solid, looks good, works, with ad & specs in japanese () Sears 12PP - print only, not working TI 5050M - printing only, big handheld, more common in europe than the us but made in usa Timex Sinclair 1000 - looks ok, plugs into your tv, i don't know if it works; i don't have a tv (1982) Printers HP thinkjet printer - ac power, parallel port HP IL thinkjet printer - good cond., works, plain paper cartridge is again available from HP. HP 82240A infra-red thermal printer - works fine, some batt cor. HP 82143A dedicated printer for the hp 41 series TI PC 100 - for the ti 58/59 series AC Adapters / Chargers for Calculators APF model 415 - 4.5 vdc 150 ma. APF model 751S - 7.5 vdc, 100ma Archer 9v battery eliminator - not orig equip but you can leave your 9v ti on for ever Atlas Rand model 375 - 5vdc. 160 ma Berkey model 775 - 6.9vac 120 ma Canon CH-3 Canon Palmtronic Quick Charger T - side by side, not co-ax plug 5.8vdc 125 ma Casio - 1.4vdc 60 ma Casio model AD-A600241U - 6vdc, 200 ma, center pos Casio 4.5 V 600 ma Casio 2.35vdc, 150 ma. (1975) Casio 6v 300ma, for model ad-4150, whatever that is Commodore type MM*3 6vdc, 200ma Commodore type GL986R/987R 4.5vdc, 200 ma Commodore 420B - 4.5vdc, 200 ma Commodore type 707 6vdc 400 ma Craig 9211 - 9vdc, 100 ma Craig 9227 - 6vdc 200 ma Friden 123 & 1234 - 6vdc 200 ma HP 82068B from 240v 7w to 8v 3va, 2 prong input - Austrialian type Litronix #102 - 4vdc, 50ma ? Litronix #102 - 4.5vdc, 100ma ? LLoyds model Y204, series 279a - 9vdc 100ma Melcor - 8vdc 50 ma Melcor 9.3VDC 50 ma. for models 380,400,500,550,sc615,sc635,sc650 Qualitron model QA610 - 6vdc, 100ma Remington lb7tr - 4vdc, 5va Realistic model 14-854 - 6vdc 150 ma Realistic 12-702 - 6vdc 60ma Realistic 14-854 - 6vdc, 150ma Rockwell 6.5vdc, 150 ma, tip + Rockwell 328R07-001 Rockwell 331R03-001 - 7.9vdc 50 ma Rockwell 331R04-001 - 7.3vdc 50 ma Sharp EA11E Sharp model EA-12A - 4.5vdc 200 ma cntr neg Sharp model EA-12E - 6vdc, 200ma. cntr neg Sharp Model EA-17 - 2.5VDC 150 ma Sharp EA81 for Sharp EL8, 4 lead plug Sinclair model 12300 - 12vdc, 300ma Sperry Remington - model ad4145, 4.5vdc 300ma TI 9120 for model TI 2500II TI 9130 for TI 2500 V.3, B, & II / SR 10, 11, 50, 50A ,51 , 52, 56 / TI 2550, I & II TI 9130A for 16 and 2550 III TI model 9131 - for ti 31, 40, 51-II, 1600, BA, 58, 58C, 59, early 57 TI 9132 for TI 15, 30, 31, 33, 41, 42, 45, 51III, 55, 57, mba, money mgr, BA1, Programer TI 9171 for TI 5050, 5100, 5200 TI 9172 for ti 5025 large pocket printing calc TI 9180 for TI 1000, 1025, 1050, any of the 1200 or 1400 series TI 9199 for language teacher TI 9200 for TI 2500 v3, SR 10, 11, 50, 51 Unisonic model 620 - 6VDC 100 ma Unisonic model 630 - 9vdc 225ma Unisonic model 3200 - 3vdc, 200ma., for calculators models 771k, 1279, 1499, 1548 Unisonic model dv-9300s - 9vdc, 300ma Unisonic model SY-1200 - 5vdc, 100ma Unisonic model SY-1200 6vdc,100ma Mechanical Thorsen "Wizard" - hand mechanical, looks and works good, with case and 2 inst. booklets Victor model 760 - hand crank, ten key, 9,999.99 or less capacity Misc. Canon thermal tape - looks to be for the pocketronic, new in the wrapper Address book - looks like a big calculator, push buttons for the page you want Squirt calculator - looks like a calculator, squirts like a ... you get the picture Toy cell phone calculator - looks like a flip phone. no collection is complete without one! Electronic poker - entex ind inc from calif., made in japan. not a calculator; just an led game but it looked lonely so i took it home. (1979) Operating instructions for Panasonic JE 610P, this small manual is free to good home Manual for Radio Shack EC 4020 programmable scientific 1986 Casio book "Computing With the Scientific Calculator" spare tape for a hanimex tape recorder/calculator roll of 38mm x7m paper for canon calculators "solving problems with your hewlett packard calculator" 60 page book from hp (78) Slide Rules Du Mont K&E Doric K&E Beginners N4058W K&E 4181-3 w case (1947) K&E N4058W w case wood 10" Lwrence Engineering Service, Peru Ill. ?? wood 10", w case Pickett 531-ES w case Pickett 120 w case Pickett "log log no. 140" with case Pickett N 500 T - all aluminum, with leather case Ricoh / Edmunds Scientific #105 slid rule in box Sterling "Precision" with rulers in 16th's & .050" on the edges Sterling a more normal looking one with case-to-fit-a-3-ring-binder and instructions ? 4.25 in. dia. aluminum dial slid rule, trig-frac to decimal and other scales, copyrighted '31&'36 WHAT I WOULD LIKE TO TRADE FOR; 1)any old working scientific programmable interests me if the manual or photocopy is included 2)TI 58/59 series RPN emulator module, manual or photocopy for the navigation rom 3)the charger for my Bomar MX80. if i get one i'll keep the calc. 4)the conector box for an hp97s 5)the canon AD 2 ac adapter /// the ketstone model 275 charger 6)Sharp ac adapter/charger # EA 10 C /// and Sharp # EA-20 charger 7)ANY calculator using R.P.N. (so i can use it without pushing the wrong keys). 8)hp parts such an i.l. cable, 20 series battery, 41 nav. rom manual ... 9)orphaned manuals for older calculators or any rpn calculator manual dennis belillo 2305 pacheco bl. martinez ca. 94553-2037 u.s.a. dennisbelilloNOHORMEL@hotmail.com (put "calculators" in the subject line) (925)370-9222 Good luck Onur, I hope i didn't crowd your ad. I hope we form a little shopping center here.