Re: Gross Vintage Mechanical Cash Register

From: Darren Caudle
Email: CaudleDJ@aol.com


Hi there. Like yourself, I have found it very difficult to find information on the Gross company. As pointed out, they predominantly manufactured cash registers, although they manufactured a few calculating machines also. It is a shame their history isn't documented as they were one of the biggest four names providing cash registers in the 1960s / 70s. From memory the others were NCR, Sweda and Hugin. There must be some very interesting stories as they took on the likes of NCR and their machines were popular, and in my opinion, provided good competition to the other manufacturers. I know that both Marks & Spencer and F W Woolworth used their machines in some of their branches in the 70s / 80s, and I remember seeing them in lots of independent stores too. They had a very clever electric machine that could be converted by the owner from sd to p, in time for decimalisation. I have a Gross mechanical register, which was made post-1971 as it has a full 6.99 keyboard. I also did own a 'Gross Ambassador'which was an electric machine. Unfortunately, from overuse, it bit the dust in about 1987. I hope this is helpful, and I look forward to hearing other people's recollections of the Gross company.