Like new "Mathbook 817L"

From: Bob Ammerman
Email: rammerman_BILL@verizon.,net


I just acquired a Mathbook 817L VFD calculator from a neighbor. It is in absolutely mint condition except for corrosion on the negative battery contacts. No scratches, dings or dents of any kind. Works perfectly. It is in a vinyl slipcase that is also mint. I also have the original box which does have quite a bit of wear, but is complete including inner and outer boxes and foam liner. Finally I have the original instruction pamphlet in absolutely perfect condition. Limited warranty on the back indicates that it was distributed by W.T. Grant & Co. and could be sent to TEAL Industries for repair. I am considering selling/auctioning this calculator, but I won't bother if it isn't worth that much (I'd kind of like it for my own mini-collection). Can anybody give me at least a rough idea of what it might be worth? Thanks! Bob Ammerman NOTE: If responding by email kill _BILL