Re: wanted tandy/radio shack EC-4020 manual

From: Donn
Email: dnelso34@wavecable.com


Dear Jane, I recently found my owner's manual for the EC-4020 calculator which I still use. It has always been my favorite. I purchased the manual when I first purchased the calculator and have had both for possibly 20 years now. I lost the manual in my stuff about five years ago and couldn't locate it anywhere. I knew I still had it, but where. Anyway, I do not want to sell it but I would scan it and send it to you in a series of e-mails. I can scan two pages at a time so that would be about 55 or so attachments. It would take a while but I would do that. If you just needed operation info on a specific area that wouldn't take near as long to transfer. Let me know what you decide. e-mail is <dnelson34@wavecable.com> donn