Re: SHARP EL-5020

From: Si


Hello, I was on the internet last night looking for information on the same problem that you have. I'll give you what I know: The first three colums to the right (DEP, PMT, and PMT--with 1, 2, 3 above them) are for deposits for each different account 1 to 3 you might have. If you enter 25 on the right and hit DEP under account 1, you will have that amount in account 1. Now hit BAL; that gives you the ballance and will remain un1ess you change it--add or deduct from it. You deduct by hitting CHK, CHG, or CHG. To clear the register hit CHK. In this incidence, CHK will deduct whatever (the total) is in that register. That account will then have zero ballance. To take an exact amount out of an account (register), input the amount on the right and then hit CHK (or CHG)from the account (register 1-3). This action should leave the ballance in that account. To put money from No.l account into No. 2 account simply Hit No. 2 PMT, (but you must deduct it out of 1 DEP with the CHK button. The A/F button is what I was having trouble with. I think that it is just a juggle button. When you have the AM on, you have two decimals places; when AM is off or F is on no decimal places are in the number. Now my questions to you: how where you able to run the inquiry on the internet? If I had known how to run an inquiry and get answers from others on the internet, I probably would not have spent all day yesterday trying to figure out how to operate this calculator and probably would not be writing you (smile). If you have any more questions, don't hesitate to email me at silviej@yahoo.com Take care. Siviej