Re:Operation instructions of Royal CBC 80 calculator

From: silviej
Email: silviej@yahoo.com


Hi, I thought I sent this information, but it might have been lost. I will try this time to be very brief. The numbers above on the left hand side (1, 2, and 3) are the accounts. The entries DEP, PMT are deposit entries. The CHK and CHG are withdrawal entries. If you have a figure in an account and you press CHK it will deduct that amount out leaving a balance of 0. On the other hand, if you input 25 on the right side (enter 25 press DEP under Account 1) you will get 25 in that account. Then press 5 on the right and press CHK in account 1 and you will get 20. You will also have 20 if you press BAL (Balance) and no other transactions have been made to that account. The "BAL" (Balance) is a register and it remains the same unless you clear it, add to or deduct from it. So you will notice that pressing CE/C does not erase anything in that register. You must add to or take out from accounts 1-3 by using DEP, PMT, CHK, or CHG to change what is in the register. A/F seems to be a toggle. You get two decimal places when the AM is on and no decimal places when it is off unless you put one in. Hope this answers most of your questions. Sincerely, Silviej