Commodore SR9190R batteries

From: Daniel
Email: daniel@type34.info


Hi all, I have a Commodore SR9190R, which I recently purchased on eBay. The rechargeable batteries, which were not original, were leaking and I removed them. It now works well with a generic adjustable power supply set to 4.5V. Anyway, you can now buy little AA rechargeable battery packs, neatly wrapped in plastic and with wires already soldered onto them with a plug. They are meant for cordless telephones. They produce 3.6V. Are these suitable as replacement batteries? I could either remove the plug from the wires and splice them to the original wires (the negative wire came off the motherboard and needs to be resoldered on), or install a male plug inside the calculator and make it easy for myself next time I need to replace the batteries.